NEF Virtual Running Club April 8th - HILL REPEATS!

Well it’s Wednesday again and back to the recce for Thursday night running club. Restricted movements mean I can’t send you all off to Sparkford Road for the lamp post shuttle for your hill repeats. (SHAME!) These speedy climbs will help build your explosive strength and although tough, you’ll feel the difference!

1. Find a shortish hill (c100m) - this one is 500m from home so just enough for a warm up before the start. 2. Take each UPWARD run at nearly all-out speed. You’ll find the last 15 metres a real challenge. Focus on your form, strong body, pump the arms and lift the legs. It’s a real plyometric movement. 3. Rest with an easy jog down to let the heart rate recover. Start with 6 reps and work your way up to 12-14. It’s YOUR baseline - mine was 6 today and I knew when it was enough (the form weakens)

I did mine at the beginning of the run then did a 3-4k recovery run at a comfortable pace. It wasn’t pretty at the end of interval 5 but gentle jog along the river was enough reward! So there you go, short and not so sweet but you’ll feel the benefits if you can make yourself get out there and do it! Pics please if you can - we love to see what you’re up to. Happy running Clare #newenergyfitness #virtualrunningclub #hillrepeats #strengthtraining#lovehills @ Winchester, Hampshire

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