NEF Virtual Running Club, 01/04: NEGATIVE SPLITS

Well it’s Wednesday afternoon and the day that I normally do my recce for Thursday night Running Club at New Energy Fitness. We may have restricted movements, limited routes & social distancing but that won’t stop us!

My Run was to try out NEGATIVE SPLITS (simply running the second half of a run quicker than the first) on a run from home - trails and a few undulations to keep it interesting. Run OUT 30 minutes and I managed to get back in 29:08 today. It’s given me a baseline to go FURTHER next time within the 30 minute time slot!

Half way round take a picture or shoe selfie and then head for home! For our Running club this week you need to go out tomorrow and run a negative splits run at YOUR level of challenge. It could look like … Run OUT for 25 minutes then back on exactly the same route in LESS than 25 minutes. OR Run 2, 3, 4, or 5k out and see how long it takes you. Go back on the same route and see if you can beat your time. If you’re a beginner runner you can still do this with a walk/run pattern. E.g. run 3 minutes walk 2 minutes x 4 times then run 3 minutes walk 1 minute 5 times. Cutting the rest period.

Happy Running and stay safe! #newenergyfitness #runningclub#runforlife #runforhealth #staysafe @ New Energy Fitness, Winchester

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