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In it for the long run

HI I'm Clare, Running Coach and Personal Trainer based in Winchester. Whether it's losing weight, training for a running event, returning from injury or simply needing to get a grip on your health I can work with you to achieve your goals.

My focus is to give you the time & space to make YOUR health and well-being your number 1 priority.

Do you want to ...

  • regain an energised body you can be proud of?

  • shed the weight that has crept on over the years?

  • have the confidence to make the gym a part of your regular routine?

  • stay mobile and active with realistic and sustainable programmes?

  • learn to run or refine your running technique?

  • ENJOY exercise?

Come and book in with me for a personal training or run coaching programme, this could be just what you need to get your exercise regime going again.  

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Runner, Coach and Personal Trainer 

As a runner I have experience in all distances from 5k fun runs, to 10k trail and road, half marathons, multiple full marathons and ultra marathons and most recently the challenge of mountain running. Trail running is my passion and whenever possible I leave the treadmill and head for the outdoors and the hills. I take a holistic approach to running and firmly believe in the benefits of getting stronger so you can run faster and for longer.  

I am able to pass on to my clients my own experiences of developing balanced programmes targeting flexibility, mobility, strength and endurance which can then be applied to their own sports, lifestyles and goals.   

As a run/walking coach I work with both groups and 1:1 clients and have a belief that ANYBODY can be a runner. 


Personal Training tailored to your goals


Whatever your reasons for wanting to exercise - to lose weight, move more easily, get fitter or simply de-stress - learning to ENJOY your exercise is the key!   All sessions with Clare are flexible and specific to you and your needs. You can book single sessions or a block and progress guaranteed.


Huge thanks to Clare Molyneux today who managed to solve my runners knee.  She is a total expert. I would be spending hundreds on physio and trainers trying to stay on the road without her. Don't wait until you have an injury. Get this expert lady to show you how to maximise your running capabilities.


Clare is one of those unique people who can teach, encourage, drive, and inspire you to do your best. My running experience has been transformational from couch to 20k in a matter of months and a realistic expectation of a marathon soon, incredible


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