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When it was time for the first session in week 1, I must say I dreaded it. Before I

had always tried to stay fit but running was my nemesis. I would always avoid the

treadmill and never believed people who said they enjoyed running. Yet here I am

only 8 weeks later, a running convert.

Thank you to Clare for your brilliant teaching, pushing us and making us feel proud of our achievement and to the rest of the group who have made it enjoyable.


Thank you so much for the course. Not only was it brilliant fun, but I learnt loads. I feel my technique is so much better - in fact I've just completed my
8km run out in Kings Somborne and I knocked five minutes off the last two times that I have done it!! I reckon its all down to the cadence.
Thanks to everyone else on the course as well, your enthusiasm and never give up attitude really helped me.


My hour's coaching with you has been SO important for some vital improvements - mostly good form when really tired.  The biggest thing is keeping my head up by looking forward and the other trick with getting the arms in place are both really really effective.  I saw so many other runners with their heads down and stumbling on - everyone said I looked strong even when it was the last thing I felt ...Thank you!

Marcus - Ironman, Vichy

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